Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working on my Portfolio

The Great Batsby

 Here are a few pieces of visual development and several backgrounds I did for my short about a year or two ago punnily titled The Great Batsby. The film is in it's final stages of completion just waiting of it's chance to see daylight. That day is yet to come, but soon I hope...soon.

These two are a amongst some of the first backgrounds completed. I worked very small initially, completing color keys before moving on to the larger, final backgrounds. I've found, through trial and error, that this is the process that works best for me and although it isn't the only way to go about doing things, I recommend giving it a shot. 


Couch Detail--this one was a little crazy in that it started as a gouache painting. At one point during early development I had this crazy idea that I would do everything as traditionally as possible, a concept that included painting all of the backgrounds on tiny pieces of cardboard with gouache paint. After trying it I realized impractical and, well, nuts it was to even think about doing that, so I  scanned the painting in and finished it up in photoshop. The rest of the film's backgrounds were done digitally from then on out but I'm glad I began with that first gouache painting, as it was a major influence on the look of the rest the work. So there goes another testament that traditional mediums are not to be forgotten and that building the skills needed to work digitally still start with a pen or brush and a paper. 

I don't want to muddy down the rest of this post with lengthy descriptions for each image so I'll keep it short. Here are a few more backgrounds, in no particular order.




Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Blog for Online Portfolio.

Hey there. I'm starting another blog (this one here!) in hopes of keeping a secondary site for potential portfolio pieces, work from my student film The Great Batsby, or general paintings that I feel I shouldn't keep holed up in some folder on my desktop. I'll still be keeping and updating my regular blog (here) which'll remain my primary stomping grounds, but be sure to check this one out for regular updates as well! I'll be switching things around for a bit in the start just until I can get settled in, but until then enjoy the work currently up and feel free to throw me some feedback.
Thanks for looking!